General Information
School Year: The program year shall begin by September 9th and shall conclude June
28th.  Exact school year dates will be provided at Open House Meeting in September.

Operating Hours
Tuesday Classes: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturday Classes: 9:00am – 3:30pm

Academic Development and Goals
MHSA goals are:
1. Master basic language and conversation skills in a interactive approach.
2. Stimulate intellectuality, curiosity, creativity and confidence.
3. Promote healthy friendships, esteem, and loyalty among the students.
4. Promote positive attitudes, habits, and responsibility for personal actions and choices.
5. Grow through success, failure and interaction.
6. Employing an appropriate, current and skills-based curriculum.
7. Implementing teaching methods to address the different levels of knowledge and using
positive reinforcement.
8. Promote positive attitude towards learning and discovering the joy of our heritage
and richness of our Greek Orthodox faith.
9. Using formal and informal assessments to evaluate individual needs.
10. Promoting student responsibility in instruction, including class work, homework and
11. Cultivating and sharing their GOD given talents and interests with fellow students.

Operating Rules
Registration: Students must be registered and have tuition paid by September 29th to
participate in the Greek school program. Upon registration all participants must also
agree to comply with the policies and terms set forth in our Regulations.

Members in Good Standing of Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church
$450   For the first child
$300  Each additional sibling of the same residential address

Non Members of Prophet Elias
$650  For the first child
$300  Each additional sibling of the same residential address

Payment in full MUST be received by September 14th.
If payment is delinquent after September 30th, the student will be held on probation from the Greek School program and will not receive
credit for any work that has been completed.  In addition, if you are not current with church membership by May 1st, the child will
not receive credit for the grade level. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the family is in good standing.  Please call the church office to verify this if you are not sure.
You will be invoiced for Non-member Fee if you are not current in your stewardship.

Those students with financial constraints may set up a payment plan

School Personnel
The Parish Council: Is the governing body and the ultimate authority of church business. The Parish Council works in conjunction with the Parish Priest to make
policies. The Parish Council does not involve itself with everyday affairs of the Greek School. This task is left to the Greek School Board.

Greek School Board: Is the governing board of the Greek School. The Board follows the Greek School Bylaws along with church bylaws. The Board handles the day-to-day business of the Greek School.

Greek School Principal: Is appointed by the parish priest, and approved by the Parish Council and Board. The Principal deals with all the classroom day to day
activities and is the voice of the teachers. The Principal is on the Board of Education but is not a voting member. They are to notify the Board of Education of any needs that they
may have.

Teachers: Develop lesson plans following the assigned curriculum of each level that they are teaching and must provide supervision for all students under their care in the
classroom and during play time as well. Provide written homework assignments to students on every scheduled class day.

Volunteers: It is in the best interest of all the students that parents make every effort to volunteer were required.  Parent involvement directly assists the learning process and fundraising. The MHSA program expects each family to have an active role in the events scheduled every school year.

Greek School Code of Conduct
Students Expectations:
1. Arrive to class on time.
2. Enter and leave the building without causing noise.
3. Attendance is mandatory. If a student is not able to attend a class, then he/she must
notify the teacher as soon as possible prior to class.
4. Bring your books and necessary school materials to each class.
5. Follow school and classroom rules (eating or drinking in classroom is not allowed)
6. Raise hands before speaking or asking a question.
7. Talking is not allowed when teacher is speaking.
8. NO CELL PHONES must be in classrooms otherwise they will be taken away and given back to the parent.
9. Video games, gum chewing, skateboards or any other toys are not allowed in the classrooms.
10. Bathroom breaks are up to the teacher. Please have students use restrooms prior to class.

General Expectations:
In order to set a good example of sportsmanship; students and parents will show respect
for all involved including teachers, director, other parents, and other students.
1. Disrespect of any kind shown to any fellow student, parent, teacher, or any other
individual is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of the student and/or parent
from the Greek school program. This includes, but not limited to, hitting, fighting,
obscene or profane language, disruptive talking, repeated ridicule of another or
inappropriate dress.
Any student who consistently exhibits deliberate disrespect or negative behavior will be
suspended from class. A parent conference with the teacher/director may be necessary.
2. Damage to personal or school property of any kind is strictly prohibited and is the sole
responsibility and liability of the person or persons involved.
Violation of any of the above items may result in suspension or possible eviction from
the MHSA program without refund or credit.
Immediate eviction from the Greek School Program will result if the following
conditions are committed by students. These offenses are, but not limited to:
a. Action gravely detrimental to the moral and spiritual welfare of the other students;
b. Habitual profanity or vulgarity;
c. Assault, battery or any threat of force or violence directed toward any student, parent
or teacher;
d. Open, persistent defiance of authority of the teacher;
e. Continued willful disobedience.
f. Any parent/student or other person who insults or abuses any teachers;
g. Stealing
h. Excessive absences without prior arrangements made with the teacher.
3. Students may be prohibited from other church events for violating this agreement.

Parent Responsibilities:
1. Tuition must be paid in full by September 29th.
2. Review “Expectations for Students” above with your child. Your signatures at the
registration form acknowledge that you and your child understand and accept these
expectations and the consequences of not abiding by them. Both Parents MUST sign if
3. Kindly ensure that the textbooks given to the students at the beginning of the year, are
brought to school every class session.
4. Ensure that students complete and return all homework assignments on time and that
they have a sharpened pencil, notebook, eraser and textbooks with them at all times.
5. It is imperative that as parent you help your children with their assignments and spend
at least 20 extra minutes a week reading the lesson of the week or simply spelling or
sounding our words from that lesson. If you do not speak or read Greek, please inform
the staff so that they will be able to assist you.
6. Keeping safety as our number one priority, all parents MUST park on the back parking
lot. Please be careful as not to speed through the lot.
7. Be prompt when dropping off and picking up the students. Long, habitual delays show
disrespect. If you will be delayed due to appointments or other reasons, make
arrangements with another parent to take or pick up your children. Delays can be
disruptive for the rest of the students and can interfere with the departure of the teachers
as well. Parents who have students in pre-school, kindergarten and beginner classes must
pick their children in person from their classrooms.

Parent Teacher Commitment:
1. Parental involvement is necessary and parents are requested to make every effort to
stay in contact with the school. At no time should a parent be unaware of an extreme
change in the child’s behavior neither a dramatic academic change. Teachers will
communicate these types of problems with telephone calls, conferences and notes when
2. Should a student exhibit disruptive behavior, parents will be notified immediately to
remove the child from class and schedule a special conference.
3. Our goal of providing the best educational techniques, during the specified teaching
time, in a warm, friendly environment which emphasizes love for GOD, peers, parents
and teachers will only be met, if all the students, parents and staff co-operate.
4. Help us in our commitment to see our children flourish and learn of our wonderful
heritage and legacy. Join us in our enthusiasm for their spiritual, social, personal and
intellectual growth with your love, full support and friendship.

Parent Visiting Hours:
Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms. However, we discourage disruptions of class
in session, unless there is an emergency. We strongly recommend that parents make an
appointment with the teacher prior to visiting a class. Parents must consult the school
calendar for upcoming conferences or schedule a meeting after a class session.

By signing this, you agree to all the Rules and Regulations of this Greek School.

__________________________________________________ Student Signature

__________________________________________________ Parent Signature

__________________________________________________ Parent Signature

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